The Web3.Conference is the premier event to guide you around the fascinating world of Web3. Explore, learn, network, and gain insights into the latest trends and use cases emerging within this new internet standard. With a lineup of famous speakers, industry leaders, marketers, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs, the conference promises a day packed with insightful talks and networking.

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– Joonatan Lintala: CEO and co-founder, Phaver

– Pawel Zaremba – Engineering, Chronicle Protocol Powering Oracles for MakerDAO

– Gijs Ertemann: Developer relations lead, Secret Network

– Ipshita Kumar: Co-founder, Lemonade I VP Brand Innovation, Hype

– Sandro Potenza: Contributor, Global Coin Research


– Qlindo

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– coin codex

– The coinrepublic

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