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Metaverse, an avant-garde creation of the blockchain development world, even though being in its early innings, promises to deliver a trailblazing experience for millions of users and shake the world’s economy and innovative landscape. The market opportunity for launching the Metaverse may bring an annual revenue of over $1 trillion. Web 2.0 companies, tech giants like Facebook, have already picked up the Metaverse stance, raising questions on whether they will become centralisation proponents for Web 3.0 or not. 

Alongside Metaverse, essential financial and non-financial applications of blockchain will be covered during MetaWeek, a week-long event with a core 2-day conference and rich schedule of side events. Empowering other technologies, blockchain creates a vibrant symbiosis of advanced tech. From a buzzword to a global financial and industrial game changer — it has undisputedly become part of everyday life. Transparency, immutability, security, privacy — all the benefits of blockchain & crypto are on high demand, and are constantly discussed both at a developer’s desk and at a regulator’s office.

Blockchain masterminds, NFT creators, DeFi spearheads, AI forerunners, artists, gaming tycoons, data analysts, Metaverse instigators and other experts interested in creating and nurturing the Web 3.0 world will converge to Dubai for major MetaWeek event, which will combine high-level offline networking and content and all-around metaverse experience. Blockchain and its computing power is the main pillar for global digital transformation, so the current state of blockchain industry and the variety of protocols and solutions for FinTech, enterprise, logistics, entertainment, asset tokenisation, IoT and AI will also become part of the 2-day conference agenda.

Conference Agenda

– Metaverse nature battle: private VS public, centralised VS decentralised

– Right ownership and privacy: who owns the data?

– Governance challenges and ways to achieve peace: algorithms, smart contracts, etc.

– Decentralised architecture of blockchain & metaverses: need for speed and interoperability standards

– DAOs evolution: cloud cities and crypto states

– Blockchain 4 FinTech: sandboxes and real life use cases

– Corporates & metaverses: how to compete with decentralised world

– DeFi payment services as a financial backbone for digital world and for financial inclusion in the real world

– AR/VR major metaverse use cases

– Cybersecurity challenges

– Power chips: hardware challenges for metaverses

– NFTs and their real value: what’s beyond the hype?

– Digital Identities for real world and for metaverses

– GameFi, play-to-earn and prospects of gamification

– Legal aspects & regulatory updates

– How will cryptocurrencies & digital assets evolve with metaverses

– The importance of community for blockchain industry

– NFTs in Art, Media & Entertainment

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