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The Crypto Hedge Fund Secrets Most Will Never Know


The Hottest Coins RIGHT NOWLearn which coins the smart money Hedge Funds are “all-in” on for 2020. 
At this summit you’ll learn about THE most exciting projects in the short-term (RIGHT NOW)… mid-term (this year)… and long-term (10 years). Remember, Hedge Funds spend billions of dollars analyzing the market and making predictions. And now YOU can be the one to benefit from them (no matter HOW much you’ve invested!).


The Formulas Hedge Funds Use to Pick NEW Hot CoinsHedge Funds don’t play by the same rules. And now you don’t have to, either. At Crypto Hedge Fund Summit, you’re going to learn EXACTLY how Hedge Funds choose new coins to invest in. 
From algorithmic modeling, to artificial intelligence, to arbitrage, these incredible strategies will give you an edge in crypto that will blow you away. Best of all, we’ll show you how to use these complex strategies in easy and safe ways… even if you’re not confident with tech! 


Security Secrets to Keep Your Money Safe!Hedge Funds manage tens of billions of dollars in crypto. So you better believe they’ve figured out innovative, bulletproof ways to keep it 100% safe, 24/7. At our Hedge Fund Summit, you’ll learn these techniques too.
Whether you’ve invested $100 or $100,000 into crypto, the secrets you’ll learn are easy to implement… and could potentially save you millions. 

Timothy Enneking
Brett Noyes
Matthew Le Merle
David Weisberger
John Peurifoy
Evan Feng
Matthew Finlayson
Jesus Rodriguez
Mati Grenspan
An investment specialist with an eye for the latest market trends and trading opportunities. Having been involved in financial markets his entire life and paper-trading from the age of 13, he is the co-author of the book The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union. Mati has a unique way of viewing and explaining what’s happening in the financial markets, and helping people spot the best investment opportunities. His expertise is particularly strong in the field of cryptocurrencies where he is known as one of the industry’s top analysts. His market commentary is frequently quoted in financial news sites like Bloomberg, CNBC, Thomson Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and many more.
Andrew Keys
As Managing Partner at DARMA Capital, Andrew manages global business development and product strategy. Prior to DARMA Capital, Andrew was Head of Global Business Development and created much of the financial service offerings at ConsenSys, the world’s leading software company producing Ethereum blockchain solutions. Andrew remains on the Board of Advisors to ConsenSys.
Joshua Frank
Joshua worked as a consultant at SS&C Technologies where he helped develop post-trade technological solutions for the world’s leading custodians, brokers, and asset managers. Identifying a lack of trusted and transparent data and technology in the digital asset space, Joshua decided to leave his role at SS&C to build The TIE full-time in March 2018.”
James Zhang
James is co-founder of Black Panther Capital and focuses on building the emerging markets team investing into Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Latin America as well as building the crypto FoFs team which is now the leading FoFs in its area Worldwide.
Katie Talati
Joey Krug
In 2013, Joey built a point of sale system enabling Bitcoin payments with sound and Bluetooth. In 2014, he left Pomona College to cofound one of the first projects and the first ICO on Ethereum called Augur, a decentralized prediction market platform and solution to the oracle problem designed to allow people to speculate on anything. He also started an AngelList syndicate which is now in the top 15 by backing. In 2017, he joined Pantera Capital to help manage its Hedge Team.

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