The world is changing and becoming smaller and smaller due to digitalization and technology. As the financial services industry increasingly moves into the digital world, it has to adhere to some of the same rules of engagement that apply to the rest of the society. Entire products, businesses, people and even nations are being transformed by the dynamics of the way in which the digital world is shaping the future.

Africa Digital finance summit invites a global audience on a conversation to position Africa as the continent where solutions in Digital Finance can and will be implemented successfully.

The inaugural event themed “Decentralized finance” seeks to bring together governments, central banks, professionals, startups and decision makers across the world in the financial, economic, technology and block chain industry to create a pathway towards the future of finance in Africa.

The summit aims to ask and answer the hard questions, and identify the solutions required to steer a meaningful financial course in an age where entire societies are transforming very quickly. This is a Summit for bold, visionary leaders who are willing to disrupt as much as they are willing to create, who know what to give up as much as what they expect to gain.

The summit will also create an opportunity for global brands to engage with governments, startups and the public on partnerships and collaborations for the solutions proposed during the Summit.


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